Celebrating Easter with food!

Easter is a time of celebration with family and close friends. Easter is a religious time for practicing Christians. Easter time is celebrated throughout the world with food. Different countries use different foods to celebrate this time of year.

Hot Cross Buns – United Kingdom

Hot Cross Buns are a sweet tasting spiced bun usually made with currants or raisins and ground cinnamon is included in the recipe. They are marked with a cross on top. They were traditionally eaten on Good Friday in the United Kingdom. However, they are now available throughout the year in supermarkets and bakeries.

Pashka – Russia

Pashka is a traditional Russian Easter food. It is made from cheese curds and has the consistency of cheesecake. It can come in both cooked and uncooked forms. It is pressed into a mould into the shape of a pyramid. It is normally white in colour. This symbolises the purity of Jesus Christ. The letters ‘XP’ are pressed on the food which mean that ‘Christ is risen’ from the dead.

Tsoureki (Easter Bread) – Greece

Tsoureki is a soft, sweet, aromatic bread. The three braids represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the Holy Trinity). The hard boiled eggs served with it, are dyed red which symbolises the blood of Christ. The red egg is a symbol of rebirth (resurrection of Christ).

Easter Dove (Cake) – Italy

This dove shaped cake or Colomba pasquale has been used to celebrate Easter in Italy for nearly a century. The dough is made with flour, yeast, sugar, natural eggs and butter. It is mixed with candied orange peel. The dough is then topped with both almonds and icing before being oven baked.

Baked Ham – United States

Many families in the United States eat baked ham on Easter Sunday. The ham can be glazed with honey and brown sugar, giving it a sweet taste.

Easter Mammi – Finland

The Finnish Mammi dessert is traditionally made with rye flour, water and powdered malted rye. Dark molasses, dried powdered orange zest and salt are used to season it. It can be served with cream or milk. Many centuries ago, Mammi was enjoyed during Lent in Finland.

Capirotada – Mexico

Capirotada is a traditional Mexican bread pudding often eaten around Easter time. It symbolizes the Passion of Christ. It can be filled with raisins, cinnamon, cloves and cheese.

Torta Pascualina – Argentina

Torta Pascualina is filled with hard boiled eggs, ricotta, artichoke, parsley and spinach. It is often eaten during Lent. The eggs in Torta Pascualina are used to symbolize the Resurrection of Christ.



















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